At DEA the Gravy Train Runs on Time

DEA Launders $588 Million for Drug Cartel, Nabs One Smuggler

SENTINEL Fails to Live Up to PROMIS

FBI Case Management Woes Started in Early 1980s, Never Resolved

Pouring Money into the Heartland

Your Tax Dollars Paying for Solutions in Search of Problems

Drone Patrol

Drones Are Coming? They're Already Here

Drug Cartels and the Banks That Love Them

Is the US Government Bailing out Banks with Drug Cartel Money?

Clusterfusion Nation

Illinois Fusion Center Claims CyberIntrusion; Mechanic Says Pump Failure

Tough Love From DHS

Big Sis Knows What's Best, Whether You Like It or Not

New Software Old News

US Intelligence Meets New Software, Same as Old Software

The Military-Pharmaceutical Complex - Greatest Hits

Another HHS Vaccine Scandal

War on Drugs Meet War on Terror

US SWAT Teams Go Global

Nukes, Spooks and Flukes

Pakistan Delivers Nukes in Delivery Vans

Flacks on Hacks

Another DHS Terror Alert Revealed as Sham

On Vacation with DHS

DHS Terror Spots To Run on Hotel Room Televisions, Whether You Like it or Not

War With Iran?

Hawks Declare War On Iran in Congressional Hearing

1980s Drug Running Conspiracy Theory Confirmed

DEA Agent: US Intelligence and Law Enforcement Allowed Drugs into US in 1980s

Mean Streets

Michigan Company Makes Surveillance Streetlamps, Partners with DHS

HHS Ponders Human Experimentation on Children

Doctors Debate Whether Anthrax Vaccine Should be Tested on Children

Regime Change on the Cheap

$1 Billion, Cost of US Libya Campaign, 'A Rounding Error'

NPR's Heart of Darkness

The Horror: New Video of Al Queda Providing Food and Clothing to Starving Somali Peasants

Stuxnet Redux

Variants of the Sophisticated Stuxnet Malware Caught on Reconnaissance Mission

Lighting a Magic Lantern

German Hackers Sneak in Through Hidden Back Door Used By Police

Chinese Companies Intelligence Fronts

China Makes a Play for American Telecom


It's All About Resources in Africa, Last Great GeoPolitical Battleground

Stuxnet, Who's Your Daddy?

25 years ago, Israel and the US sold secretly bugged hardware and software to China. Now they are returning the favor

Droning on About the War on Terror

Soon Everyone Will Have a Drone, Then What?

President Assassin

Since Truman, Nearly Every US President Has Ordered Executive Action

1, 2, 3... What Are We Fighting For?

Winning Hearts and Mines in Afghanistan

US Government Clams-Up About Ties to Sinaloa Drug Cartel

US Prosecutors Want US-Drug Cartel Links Kept Secret

Obama Riffs on Executive Action

Obama Brings Political Assassination in From the Cold

UN Good for Making War, Not For Making Peace

Behold the Hypocrisy

FBI Knows Islam When It Sees It

What Are FBI Agents Being Taught About Muslims and Islam?

Ten Years Later, NY Times Bill Keller Still Full of Shit

Former NY Times Editor Admits He Wasn't Wrong in Iraq War Support

New Accusations of CIA Jiggery Pokery in Lockerbie Case

From the Department of Historical Revisionism: CIA Duped by Informant in Lockerbie Case

CIA Assassination Program to Remain Secret

Federal Judge Provides Cover for CIA Program

US Government Desperate to Keep Drug Cartel Ties Secret

Government Lawyers: US Ties to Mexican Drug Cartel Classified

CIA One Hell of a Killing Machine

Petraeus General of a new army: CIA shifts resources from analysis and intelligence gathering to killing

US Gives Drug Cartels a Helping Hand

New court documents show US government armed the Sinaloa cartel, allowed them to smuggle drugs into US

ATF Head Steps Over, Not Down

Head of ATF resigns, reassigned, after caught lying about Gunrunner & Fast & Furious. He got exactly what he wanted.