Fistful of Gold Document Archive

Global Policy Report on UN Hiring of Mercenaries

A history of the UN's partnership with mercenary firms, which have a sordid history of killing civilians, operating a sex slave ring, financial swindling among many other things while wearing the blue helmet. If you still believe the UN is a credible organization, you best not read this.

DoD IG Report on Drugging Detainees

The DoD Inspector General is not an investigator, she's an accountant. She signed off on this report that says the DoD didn't do exactly what the report reveals it most certainly did do.

AT&T Wiretap Data

Congressman Ed Markey sent a letter to major telecom providers asking about their methodology for dealing with law enforcement requests for customer data. Here is AT&T's response, including a chart showing a staggering number of requests for 2011.

Verizon Wiretap Data

This is Verizon's response to Markey's query.

Sprint Wiretap Data

This is Sprint's response to Markey's query.

Information Security Oversight Office 2011 Cost Report

How much will US taxpayers pay to allow the government to keep secrets from them? This year over $11 billion, not including those bastions of secrecy CIA, NSA and other three letter intelligence agencies. See the chart on page 3 for the yearly increase in secrecy costs.

GAO Critical Infrastructure Protection Report

The GAO report on DHS inability to merge databases on critical infrastructure.

Active Shooter - How to Respond

What should trained border agents do if they are at the mall and someone starts shooting up the place? Run and hide, says DHS, run and hide. This is the type of intelligence product DHS regularly puts out.

EFF Lawsuit against NSA

The Electronic Frontier Foundation thinks the US government, especially intelligence agencies, abuse the state secret privilege in order to keep secrets. This document reads like a pocket history of recent NSA spying activities.

Commission On Wartime Contracting In Iraq And Afghanistan Report

A must read. By 2011, as much as $60 billion was lost to waste and fraud in Iraq and Afghanistan, and that is a conservative estimate. The worst part is that no one knows how much was lost. The US Treasury was looted for billions of dollars by defense contractors, aid administrators and god knows who else and no one knows how much, how, or by whom. The 'greatest superpower in the history of the world' defeated by line item accounting.


DHS routinely sets obstacles before FOIA requesters, such as restrictive fees, stonewalling or delayed action on requests. EPIC filed this protest with DHS highlighting several problems with DHS FOIA compliance.

Big Brother Fact Sheet

Telecom Price Sheet

What does your telecom company charge the police for your personal data?

DHS IG Report

This is an Inspector General's report on insufficiencies and inefficiencies in the DHS border drone program.

FISA Court

An essay about the secretive FISA court, a go-to for US intelligence and law enforcement agencies, that grants blanket warrants to spy on US citizens. Of course, it's so secret you aren't allowed to know anything about it.

Leaked Trade Agreement Document

Leaked secret trade agreement that gives free rein to international corporations to skirt US law.

DoD Report on Future Drone Programs

This report outlines a prospective and scary vision of the future, courtesy of the military's best minds. They outline 110 bases that could sustain future domestic drone operations.

FBI Training Document

FBI training document instructing agents that in intelligence operations they might need to bend or suspend laws.

DEA v Avina

Court documents about a DEA raid wherein agents handcuffed an entire family (who were completely innocent), including two young children. Agents trained a shotgun on an 11 year old girl, who was restrained and lying face down on the floor at the time, clearly a threat to the agent's safety.

NSA IG Letter to US Senators

Two US Senators sent a letter to NSA requesting the number of US citizens being spied on by the agency. The IG for the intelligence community sent this Kafka-esque reply. It explicitly says that revealing such information would "violate the privacy of US citizens."

Mexico Technical Surveillance System

Because Mexico is such a lousy partner in the war on drugs, because everyone from street cops to government officials are owned by drug cartels, because Mexican intelligence agents have a terrible reputation for corruption and abuse, the US State Department wants to gift it some hi-tech sophisticated spy gear.

Suit Against DoD, HHS and FDA over Anthrax Vaccine

DoD forces all contractors and soldiers to be vaccinated against anthrax. The DoD owns the company that manufactures the vaccine that many claim is experimental and that has caused many adverse side effects. This document is the court record of the suit brought by several active duty military to fight forced inoculation.

Bavarian Nordic Press Release - Smallpox Vaccine

A press release from Bavarian Nordic, based in Denmark, about their contract to provide smallpox vaccine to the US government.

A Call for Reform of TSA

Congressional report calling for a major reform of the hapless TSA on its ten year anniversary.

Stop Backflow News

Unintentionally hilarious case study about incidents of water backpressure. DHS cites this a potential avenue for terrorist threats.

Potential Terrorist Tactic

If you want to see how your hard earned tax dollars are being squandered at DHS read this Monty Pythonesque report on water system backpressure, the new, unseen terrorist tactic that keeps Napolitano up at night.

Protective Measures for the Hotel Industry

Another absurd DHS product detailing how hotels should be training their staff to see something, say something.

GAO Anthrax Report

Congressional testimony about lax safety procedures in the manufacturing of the anthrax vaccine. The company in question, Bioport, later received a major Pentagon contract to manufacture vaccine.

Rise of Paramilitary Police in the US

Independently produced investigative report on the rise of paramilitary policing throughout the US. This will scare the shit out of you.


Now that Osama bin Laden is missing in action dead, the executive branch wants you to know that homegrown extremism is the new bogeyman. Remember, you and I paid for this turd.

GAO Report on Fusion Centers

DHS has funded fusion centers throughout the US. Their intel product is routinely amateurish, frequently irrelevant and often outright wrong.

Missouri Fusion Center Report

Missouri Fusion Center Report on the militia movement.

Pennsylvania Intelligence Bulletin No. 131

Pennsylvania outsourced its intelligence reports to a company with close ties to Israel. This is their product, written for PA Homeland Security. It mentions as worthy of homeland security scrutiny a screening of the controversial movie Gasland.

Texas Prevention Awareness Bulletin

Texas outsourced its fusion center intel bulletins to a politically connected husband and wife team. Who don't even live in Texas.

Virginia Terrorism Threat Assessment

Virginia's fusion center took a kitchen sink approach to intel bulletins. This survey of prospective threats is exhaustive, and exhausting to read.

Victim's Compensation Fund Spreadsheet

Believe it or not, vaccine manufacturers with government contracts are indemnified by the US government against all lawsuits by prospective claimants if their vaccines should cause adverse side effects. This spreadsheet lays out the amount of compensation the US government, ahem... you and I, has doled out to settle claims against vaccine makers.

ACLU v DoJ on Drones

Court documents from the ACLU's suit against the DoJ for information about the infamous drone program.

The American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors/Laboratory Accreditation Board Report

Several crime labs accredited by the The American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors/Laboratory Accreditation Board botched evidence in major cases resulting in innocent men going to jail for long jail terms. This is the Board's press release taking no responsibility for any of that mishigos.

US v Jesus Vicente Zambada-Niebla

A major Mexican drug figure is caught, extradicted to the US and brought to justice. But then he claims he was operating under orders and the protection of the CIA and DEA. Cut to US government filing to keep his testimony a state secret.

US v Zambada-Niebla

Original court documents from the Zambada-Niebla Case, in which defendant claims he worked with DEA to bring down rival cartels in exchange for free rein to bring drugs into US, protection from US prosecution, guns (Fast and Furious) and tipoffs of future investigations. Want to see how bankrupt the War on Drugs is? Read 'em and weep.

US v Mohamed Osman Mohamud

One of many FBI sting operations in which the FBI finds someone who claims to hate the US government (why Allah why?). They then provide them with weaponry they could not procure themselves, teach them how to use it and coach them on a target.

Fear Factory

Investigative report on FBI manufacturing terrorists. A must read.

High Performance Chip Supply

A 100 page Pentagon report citing the need to keep computer chip manufacturing in US hands. DoD currently buys its chips from China. Many of these chips are either bugged, allowing back door access, or defective.

Lacey Act Primer

History of the Lacey Act, enacted in 1900, most provisions still enforceable. The feds have been using this law to enforce export laws of other countries.

US v Farooque Ahmed

Court documents from a terrorism case. Ahmed was a fearsome terrorist brought to justice by the Feds. His crimes? He told a FBI informant he "might be ready to travel overseas to conduct jihad," taking photos of the DC metro and being a dumbass.

New Cocaine Cowboys

Former DEA and CBP bigwig writes a revisionist history on the Mexican drug cartels. He does add this interesting tidbit though, “the objective [of US drug policies in Colombia in the 1980s] was to dismantle and destroy the Cali and Medellin cartels-not to prevent drugs from being smuggled into the United States or to end their consumption.”

Texas GOP 2012 Platform

TX governor and failed GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry recently announced he would not implement any of the federal guidelines of Obamacare. That will leave one quarter of all Texans without health coverage of any kind. But don't blame Perry too much, he's only following the state GOP platform that stands firmly against 'critical thinking,' among other things.

Jamie Dimon is not Alone

Sen Bernie Sanders released this list of 18 former and current FED bank directors who loaned themselves over $4 trillion in low-interest loans, backstopped by you, the generous US taxpayer.

McAfee Report on Operation High Roller

McAfee recently stumbled upon a sophisticated banking fraud campaign that targeted millions of bank accounts of wealthy corporations.

Complaint Against Merck for Violations of Federal False Claims Act

Recently unsealed whistleblower complaint by two Merck scientists opened a Pandora's box of scientific fraudulence and a cover-up involving its FDA-approved mumps vaccine.

Project Grey Goose

Jeffrey Carr, self-proclaimed cyber expert used open source intelligence to explore if the Russian government conducted cyber war against Georgia. This report, basically using Google searches, led to government contracts for Carr's consulting company and his anointing by the media and the US government as a cyberexpert.

United Technologies Guilty Plea

United Technologies pled guilty to exporting sensitive software to China, for which serious offense it was fined and then awarded new government contracts. No one at United Technologies went to jail because they deeply regretted their actions.

US v United Technologies

Original court filing against United Technologies for selling sensitive military material to China.

US Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator Joint Strategic Plan

The planning document outlining the Obama administration's approach to intellectual property. Here is the wobbly intellectual foundation based on which the administration supported SOPA and CIPA and ACTA and all the other internet censorship bills that will be coming down the pike.